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Windows with Oldham Wood Blinds

Blinds can do more than filtering the amount of sun streaming through your office or home. The perfect window treatment can significantly enhance the beauty of your space. Oldham Wood Blind suggest some unique ideas for treating your windows in a more appealing way.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the most stylish window dressing for a complete host of spaces, both in offices and within your homes. Stylish, durable and offering 180 degrees of rotation, these blind are the perfect solution for the space that needs a smart and durable window dressing that can also control air flow and light efficiently.

At Oldham Wood Blinds we stock an extensive range of sleek, durable and stylish vertical blind. Our blind are truly timeless, complementing various types of decor and styles with uniqueness and simplicity.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds can have a huge impact on the overall feel of a room and can transform an ordinary room into a fully stylish and sleek room. These blinds can be adjusted to control the light and privacy levels of your room.

At Oldham Wood Blinds we supply a broad range of Venetian blind that not only transform the room, but they also provide a more appealing look to the room.


Roller blinds can make the room unique especially for children. Full of colours and life, roller blind can give your room a unique style and charm. These blind can easily be rolled up or down to get the required level of shading for the room. However, you can also add touches to the roller blinds such as braids, pulls, decorative scallops, eyelets and poles to personalize them according to the interior decor of the room. Of course, where small children are concerned don’t be afraid to ask about our safety features that will prevent entrapment and chocking.

At Oldham Wood Blinds we stock a broad range of high quality designs, stylish and easy to operate roller blinds.

Custom Blinds

Custom blind can also improve the beauty of the windows. If you have uniquely shaped windows in your office or home, you can enhance their appeal and function with a set of perfect and custom fit blind. You can choose from the different types of blind offered at Oldham Wood Blinds and give a perfect style to your home and office. You can have them custom fitted according to the shape and size of the window.

Oldham Wood Blinds has a high reputation and is the name that you can trust for high-quality window treatments for your commercial properties and home. Consult our experts about window treatment for your office or home.