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Glass Bookcase for Indoor Interior

Collecting some good book is nice whenever we make it neat and nice. The assorted of books can always be good to be seen. In another way, books can also be an interior view in your room and interior design. So, how to make it look good? Some traditional cupboard, bookshelf and case will make it absolutely bad and old school. If we want to have something new and something different, we need to think about another design that will be look catchy and nice for our interior room. Then, it’s time for us to try the glass bookcase.

Glass bookcase is one of the new invention that will be nice in keeping your books. As it made of the glass, you may think that you should be more careful about it. Then, after all you don’t need to worry so much because because this bookcase is functioned as the bookcase, it’s completed with the ebst material for the glass. It will be completed with a thick glass material that is strong enough to handle your book. How ever, eventhough that this is a glass bookcase, it still use the wood as the combination to strenght the bookcase.

Glass bookcase will look nice on your interior. As it made of from the glass, we all can actually see the book inside the case. You can make it really nice looking if you sort it well. You can also combine it with some accecories or statue and flower in your bookcase. There many kinds of size for this glass bookcase that you can choose. You can choose the large size if you want to put it in the living room, you can choose the medium size if you want put in the family room, and you can choose the small size if you want to put it in the bedroom.

As another bookcases and bookshelfs, there are always the adventages and disadventages. We start from the adventages. The advantages is that this glass bookcase will look nice, catchy and modern for sure. As it made from the glass, we can see the book and the accecories inside the bookcase as well. We can easily manage the book that we want to read by the genre and the size in case to make it look good. Another adventages is that it will not take many places in your room.

Next, we are going to the disadventages for this bookcase is that you need to clean it more often because it is an open bookcase which the dust and another dirt particle can easy come inside the case. In another case, you need to be careful when you clean the bookcase because you don’t want to break the case and hurt yourselft if there is a crack. Another disdavnetages is that, even that if it safe but you must still be careful especially for kids. It’s better to keep the case rather far from the kids room because it made if from the glass.

The last but not least is about the price. Well, the price is depend on the material itself. If you use the best glass, it may cost higher than if it use the ordinary glass as well. You can choose the medium quality which is also has the good material. More than that, the price is also depend on the size and the wood quality that is combined with the glass as well. You can have this nice and catchy bookcase in your room and this kind of model will increase your desire to read.