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Create Stylish Design in a Small Living Room

1. It Is All About Proper Zonation

The smaller your living room is – the more crucial proper zonation proves to be. When space is a priority, you have to think about different ways of making a room not only cozy and stylish, but also functional. You will, probably, wish to have enough place for watching TV and drinking tea with your friends, but you will also need enough room for rest and relaxation. Is it possible to achieve all these goals, if you own a small lounge? Fortunately, it is! With a proper zonation approach, you won’t have problems. Make a plan of your living room on paper or computer and designate the required zones. This will give you the understanding of what exactly you need. Consider the furnishings you plan to place there and the amount of family members. With a bit of effort, you will easily subdivide a room into a conversation zone, storage area, media zone and even a dining area. That’s really possible, if you give it a try.

2. Have a Look at Your Room

Having prepared a digital or a drawn layout plan, you should have a look at your living room as it is and mark the zones you have defined there. Decide on the items you will use to mark the areas. These can include lighting accessories, curtains, wallpaper combinations, furnishings, rugs or carpets and what not. The choice depends upon the living room decor available in your home.

3. Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Lighting

You may be surprised to find out how important proper lighting is, when it comes to room zonation. It can really make a difference, especially when it comes to small areas. As you, probably, know, there are 3 types of lighting you can use in a room, namely accent, general and zone lighting. By choosing the right lighting type or combining them correctly, you can make any area in your room a focal point of it or divide the lounge into zones. With so many stylish living room design ideas, your choice is close to unlimited. So, you are just bound to make use of this opportunity.

4. Choose the Right Color Combinations

Proper color combinability matters not less than lighting, when creating the design of a small living room. In some cases, it even matters more and you have to be aware of the right color schemes and patterns to be implemented into your living room design. You can use two or three colors to mark the zones in a lounge or buy light one-shade wallpapers, for example, to visually expand the area and give it a spacious feel. The choice depends upon your needs, design preferences and individual likes.

5. Don’t Clutter the Room

Any room may look stylish, when it is devoid of the unnecessary clutter. This is a kind of a rule you should not forget when designing the area. By the way, the rule is applicable to any room in your home, not to the lounge only. To give your living room a stylish, modern and spacious look, try to use less furnishings. It also makes sense to create a functional storage area to get rid of things you don’t use quite often.