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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Windows with Oldham Wood Blinds

Blinds can do more than filtering the amount of sun streaming through your office or home. The perfect window treatment can significantly enhance the beauty of your space. Oldham Wood Blind suggest some unique ideas for treating your windows in a more appealing way.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the most stylish window dressing for a complete host of spaces, both in offices and within your homes. Stylish, durable and offering 180 degrees of rotation, these blind are the perfect solution for the space that needs a smart and durable window dressing that can also control air flow and light efficiently.

At Oldham Wood Blinds we stock an extensive range of sleek, durable and stylish vertical blind. Our blind are truly timeless, complementing various types of decor and styles with uniqueness and simplicity.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds can have a huge impact on the overall feel of a room and can transform an ordinary room into a fully stylish and sleek room. These blinds can be adjusted to control the light and privacy levels of your room.

At Oldham Wood Blinds we supply a broad range of Venetian blind that not only transform the room, but they also provide a more appealing look to the room.


Roller blinds can make the room unique especially for children. Full of colours and life, roller blind can give your room a unique style and charm. These blind can easily be rolled up or down to get the required level of shading for the room. However, you can also add touches to the roller blinds such as braids, pulls, decorative scallops, eyelets and poles to personalize them according to the interior decor of the room. Of course, where small children are concerned don’t be afraid to ask about our safety features that will prevent entrapment and chocking.

At Oldham Wood Blinds we stock a broad range of high quality designs, stylish and easy to operate roller blinds.

Custom Blinds

Custom blind can also improve the beauty of the windows. If you have uniquely shaped windows in your office or home, you can enhance their appeal and function with a set of perfect and custom fit blind. You can choose from the different types of blind offered at Oldham Wood Blinds and give a perfect style to your home and office. You can have them custom fitted according to the shape and size of the window.

Oldham Wood Blinds has a high reputation and is the name that you can trust for high-quality window treatments for your commercial properties and home. Consult our experts about window treatment for your office or home.

Way to use Origami in Wedding Decor

Paper Origami Cranes

These look so refreshing and cute! Super easy to make and cute to hang, it accounts as one of the best DIY wedding decor and it can be easily be availiable as a DIY at various party halls in rohini especially royal pepper banquets

Paper Lanterns

An innovative idea for your Mehendi decor, these hanging from a tree lend a very foresty vibe, perfect to add colour to an outdoor setting!

get it here at wedding halls in wazirpur royal pepper banquets

Paper Umbrellas

This paper umbrella photo-booth is so funky and easy to do! It lends a cute backdrop for photos and can be done by yourself with a little help from your friends as well you can also use them to serve alone with mocktails and cocktails

Mix-and-Match Paper Lanterns

Another quirky way to use origami in the Mehendi decor it is to mix and match a lot of colourful lanterns available in the market.

Paper Mache Backdrop

This floral wall has been made using paper mache roses for an engagement ceremony. Such a refreshing change from the same old flowery decor! And it really does stand out!

Paper quilling

These paper strings or buntings are so simple yet adorable! Here they have been hung on top of a swing, which makes for such a cute and colourful backdrop! Perfect for a Mehendi or Haldi function!, it can be also used up in birthday party functions get it here at, birthday party halls in rohini, royal peppber banquets.

Paper Flower Balls

OMG! Don’t these look amazing? These can be hung on the ceiling for day or night functions, and can be customised to any colour theme… they lend such a dreamy vibe to the decor!

Paper Flowers

These paper flowers lend a very personal and cozy feel to centrepieces, definitely standing out from the routine floral decorations! get it here at Best Banquet Halls in Rohini, royal pepper banquets.

Talking about the night

When super excited aunties tease them about their first night & give advice based purely on personal experience, I am sure neither the groom nor the bride wants to advise on this topic atleast! Also hearing to loose comments like, “Haaye! Haaye! Ruka nahi ja raha hoga ab toh…” and “Ghabrana mat bilkul.”


The couple is supposed to maintain a permanent smile on their whole time. I seriously pity the couples and their jawlines, it would just hurt so badly.They might not be able to do it but are they even given a choice? NO!

Arrival of the Bride

The bride enters the hall and is escorted to the center stage where the throne for the bride and groom is placed by her brothers, sisters and friends under a sheet (chadaar).

Create Stylish Design in a Small Living Room

1. It Is All About Proper Zonation

The smaller your living room is – the more crucial proper zonation proves to be. When space is a priority, you have to think about different ways of making a room not only cozy and stylish, but also functional. You will, probably, wish to have enough place for watching TV and drinking tea with your friends, but you will also need enough room for rest and relaxation. Is it possible to achieve all these goals, if you own a small lounge? Fortunately, it is! With a proper zonation approach, you won’t have problems. Make a plan of your living room on paper or computer and designate the required zones. This will give you the understanding of what exactly you need. Consider the furnishings you plan to place there and the amount of family members. With a bit of effort, you will easily subdivide a room into a conversation zone, storage area, media zone and even a dining area. That’s really possible, if you give it a try.

2. Have a Look at Your Room

Having prepared a digital or a drawn layout plan, you should have a look at your living room as it is and mark the zones you have defined there. Decide on the items you will use to mark the areas. These can include lighting accessories, curtains, wallpaper combinations, furnishings, rugs or carpets and what not. The choice depends upon the living room decor available in your home.

3. Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Lighting

You may be surprised to find out how important proper lighting is, when it comes to room zonation. It can really make a difference, especially when it comes to small areas. As you, probably, know, there are 3 types of lighting you can use in a room, namely accent, general and zone lighting. By choosing the right lighting type or combining them correctly, you can make any area in your room a focal point of it or divide the lounge into zones. With so many stylish living room design ideas, your choice is close to unlimited. So, you are just bound to make use of this opportunity.

4. Choose the Right Color Combinations

Proper color combinability matters not less than lighting, when creating the design of a small living room. In some cases, it even matters more and you have to be aware of the right color schemes and patterns to be implemented into your living room design. You can use two or three colors to mark the zones in a lounge or buy light one-shade wallpapers, for example, to visually expand the area and give it a spacious feel. The choice depends upon your needs, design preferences and individual likes.

5. Don’t Clutter the Room

Any room may look stylish, when it is devoid of the unnecessary clutter. This is a kind of a rule you should not forget when designing the area. By the way, the rule is applicable to any room in your home, not to the lounge only. To give your living room a stylish, modern and spacious look, try to use less furnishings. It also makes sense to create a functional storage area to get rid of things you don’t use quite often.

Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer


The only fact that designers have studied about the field is already sufficient cause to trust them on interior design business. They have the expertise to know on what to do with your home. You can tell them what you want and designers can help you to complete a lovely home. They are professionals and always give their best in all their projects. Interior designing is their area of professionalism, so you don’t worry anything about your interior work.

You’ll get what you expect

You have an idea in your mind on how your interior work look like. But you don’t know how to do it. When you hire an interior designer, he will be the one to make your look into visual. Normally, all the designers have an idea of how your home look like. When the design is done, you know how interior designer is give the exact result.

You can get an energy efficient home

If you are worried of the environment, you can have a green interior and save energy. He knows what to use for your window treatments, lighting fixtures, flooring and others. The interior designer can help you save a lot of money and keep the environment clean.

Save your time

When you want to decorate or renovate your home, it is the best idea to hire a professional designer. It can surely save your time for what do you with your designer. They can choose the best items for your home. You can spend a lot time for selecting furniture and other items, your interior designer can help you to save your valuable time.

They are detail minded people

Unlike you, interior designers are detail minded. The designer is thought its function and form, not only attractive. They can put a lot of stuff for interior projects that is far from your vision and they will look into accessories, lighting, furnishings and all other details of your works. But, you don’t have much knowledge to do that.

They know what is right for you

An interior designer knows what is best for a room. They can look at a space and they have designed the best interior in their mind. If you tell them what you want exactly, the designer is already know what is best for your space. If there are any changes in your design, they will be adjust on your needs. The interior designer give a better idea for you.

They know good color combinations

Most of the people know cream, white and other light colors that are normally used for interior. But an interior designer makes a different color that looks your room so lively. It makes your home look attractive and unique at the same time. They know which color looks good with other color.

Less Stress

If you are a business person or worker, you have focused on your job. You don’t have to sit in your home to manage all your works. So, hire an interior designer can manage all the interior works in a home. They can do all the work for their project is to be completed. You will be impressed to arrive in a beautiful home when all work is done.

Get the right furniture

An interior designer is help to buy the best furniture for your room. Whether, it is a small or too spacious. He/She knows the exact size of the furniture that suits your room. They knows what furniture materials will good for your interior or shape will look best in the room. They will help from all the trouble imagining whether to buy certain furniture or not.

Get the right accessories and decorations

The interior designer will help to get the right furniture. It is very important for your decorations. They know where to get those parts at cheaper price. Really, you will get many benefits by hiring an interior designer. The money you can spend for your interior works will be worth it. You can also like the output of a home and also thus makes your home even more.